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Created in 2013, What Remains stands as a research platform exploring artistic and archival practices in visual and performing art. Composed of a variety of artistic disciplines, such as costume, sculpture, installation, light, and videos.  What Remains explores how visual and performing art can become a physical bond to materialize and witness the traces of life as time unfolds and experiences accumulate.  Each project focuses on a particular aspect, thus progressively building a network of "traces" of the flow of life, in turn stimulating new awareness and new creations. 

Furthermore, What remains is conceived as an inclusive research through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to creation.  Its structure federates the works and inspirations of others artists.

In 2014, What Remains received the support of the Organisme Franco-Allemand de la Jeunesse. 

in 2015, sarah marguier received two awards  BY THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLEGE OF ART for her research on the paradoxes of oblivion, the potential of immersive archive and the role of artists as intentional archivists.