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ATELIER MANEO is an artist’s workshop that offers a series of clothes and objects made with and inspired by reclaimed materials from previous performing arts productions. Created by designer for performing arts Sarah Marguier, all creations made by ATELIER MANEO are the result of salvaging all the tiny bits and pieces remaining from productions with supplementary pieces purchased in high-end local vintage stores.

At the Atelier, we are inspired and driven by the permeable relationship between artist and artisan, we focus on the intention and the making, with the idea of sustainability present in every aspect of the production process: all creations are handmade, we promote quality over quantity, we create solely unique pieces from salvaged materials and we produce on-demand.  We offer our collection for a limited period of time, as we are committed to utilizing what remains in our current reclaimed materials inventory. Similarly to how we dream, create, and design for a performing arts production, we are inspired by a memory, a feeling, a movement, an idea and by all the voyages that happens between spaces, bodies and their stories. 

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For its first season, ATELIER MANEO will be co-sharing a space at the 811 East Burnside Building | Suite 111 with Designer Sara Bergman, from July 6 to September 15, 2018.

The Atelier will also be releasing Entretien(s), a series of conversations exploring artistic process with women in the creative community. This series iniates a dynamic to share experiences around the process of creation, inspiration and sustainability, by providing a space to learn from one another’s creative practices and life, and thus highlighting the importance that lies in the story(es).


ATELIER, French: an artist’s workshop, a space to create  | MANEO, Latin: remain, stay, abide



Where | 811 East Burnside Building | Suite 111 | Portland, OR (USA)

When | July 6 - September 15, 2018 | Wed-Sun 12-6pm